Pictures From an Omega Customer

These pictures are remarkable to me because you can clearly see the failures of previous washes using cheap brightener: the wand marks are everywhere. You can only imagine the reaction of the fleet manager when he saw the trailer interior this clean.
This was done with AB-55 at a very high dilution ratio (well over 30:1) and allowed to sit for about ten minutes.

This kind of work does two things for the mobile wash operator that one cannot overestimate in terms of their value in your business: 1.) Job security, 2.) Good pricing.

Here are the before & after shots. These photos are completely unretouched:

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Aluminum Brightener – First Aid

First Aid For Aluminum Brightener Burns

Almost all Aluminum Brightener contain a percentage of Hydrofluoric Acid. (CAS 7664-39-3). This acid is ranked as the compounds most hazardous to human health in any highly concentrated form. The danger of an Aluminum Brightener burn if not rinsed or flushed is that it can rapidly penetrate the layers of skin, making flushing with water alone ineffective in the case of any unwarranted delay. ALWAYS drop what you are doing & FLUSH any Aluminum Brightener that comes in contact with the skin & discard contaminated clothing.

Most effective Aluminum brighteners will contain somewhere around 10% Hydrofluoric Acid . If the exposure is minimal and the application of large volumes of water is immediate, the victim maybe placed under observation to see if burns do develop. Unless the flushing has been immediate following a any serious exposure, the emergency room should always be the next option. It is even a good idea to have the local Poison Control Center informed by phone in order for them to offer their expertise to the treating physician. In all cases, be sure the appropriate MSDS accompanies the victim to the hospital.

The fluoride ions in the Hydrofluoric Acid are the culprits in Aluminum brightener burns. They are hungry for electrons and try to bind with calcium in the body. As the body becomes deprived of calcium, nerve damage follows and cell membranes are destroyed. The time factor involved will be proportional to the strength of the acid. Burns can in some cases be delayed for several hours. The pain will be described as deep burning or throbbing, often with very little noticeable skin damage. Again, we are describing contact here with STRAIGHT Aluminum Brightener, not the product after dilution.

The standard First Aid for any acid burn is to immediately flush with large amounts of water. The minimum recommended duration is five minutes. All clothing should then be removed while in the shower. If a 2.5% calcium gluconate gel is available or .13% benzalkonium chloride is available, rinsing may be kept to five minutes as indicated by the victim’s response. In the absence of these solutions, flushing should continue until medical help is available. If the gels do not relieve the pain, injections of 5% calcium gluconate by a physician may be needed. The 2.5% Calcium Gluconate solution is the preferred method of treatment. The product can be mixed by any local pharmacist.

Safety sessions should be conducted regularly for any persons exposed to Aluminum Brightener containing Hydrofluoric Acid. These sessions should cover safe handling, protective gear, ventilation, drum movement, spills and emergency response to burns. Appropriate supplies should be on hand and local hospitals should be involved in networking before the fact, with proper protocols and procedures being established in detail.

Aluminum Brightener is used around the United States with remarkably few cases of serious burns. Its safe use is predicated on common sense, safety training and preparation. These will insure many years of accident free use.

Jerry Kaifetz,
Omega Chemical

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Is Hydrofluoric Acid Safe?

Is Hydrofluoric Acid Safe?

Hardly a week goes by that someone does not make some kind of sweeping statement to me about Hydrofluoric Acid. The statements all have two things in common: 1.) They are very general; 2.) They are almost never based on personal fact; 3.) They can apply to Hydrofluoric Acid, but not to the HF solutions commonly on the market as Aluminum brightener.

With twenty plus years of experience with Hydrofluoric Acid ranging from blending to end user of HF-based products, I too am not without opinions on this controversial products. Here is what I often say to people who express fear and reservations about Hydrofluoric Acid:

— Would you ever drink Phosphoric Acid?
— Would you ever put Hydrochloric Acid in your nose?
— Would you ever put Boric Acid in your eye?
— Would you ever drive around with twenty pounds of high-explosives in your trunk with your kids in the car?

Of course, I get an emphatic “NO WAY!” to all these questions, and then I have a little fun:

— You drink Phosphoric Acid every time you drink a Coke; check the ingredients list. Coke has a Ph. of 2.8!
— Many common brands of nose drops use Hydrochloric Acid as the active ingredient!
— Many eye drops contain Boric Acid!
— Every tankful of gasoline has enough explosive power to kill you many times over, & gasoline is highly volatile!

So the question obviously is not whether something has a risk associated with its use. The question is whether or not that risk is manageable and whether the risk / reward relationship makes sense. If we had to avoid every dangerous thing, we would have to stay in bed all day and do away with knives, guns, cars, trucks, trains, planes, pointed objects, ladders and on and on.

Lets look at a product with 10% Hydrofluoric Acid. First of all, pure Hydrofluoric Acid does not technically exist. There commonly no solution that is stronger than 49%. So a 10% solution as a finished cleaning product becomes a 4.9% solution. Since no truck wash wash uses
these products straight, we have to consider the dilution factor. Lets use 30:1 as a reasonable average . We now have a solution going on the vehicle that is .147% Hydrofluoric Acid.

So . . . . . do we still want to react with a shriek of horror whenever someone mentions Hydrofluoric Acid? Do we want to deprive ourselves of one of what is probably the most chemically effective cleaning ingredient known just because someone has related a concocted or exaggerated horror story? Could it be that they have a motive that is in their best interest and not yours (like they don’t sell any HF products?) My suggestion: look at the facts & make up your OWN mind! Numbers don’t lie.

Jerry D. Kaifetz, Ph.D.
Omega Chemical

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Are You Paying for Water?

When I was a kid and Muscle Cars were the only thing cool on wheels, there was no such thing as “overpowered.” If you could burn 10,000 miles of rubber off your tires in one start, MORE POWER TO YOU!

That has been something of our philosophy in engineering the best Aluminum Brighteners in the world here at Omega Chemical.

I remember checking out a drum of brightener in the pump room of a major Midwestern truck wash a couple of years ago. The smell of acid was weak and faint. The drum was about 75 lbs. light by my standards, indicating lots of water at the expense of acid, and I could tell by the smell that the mix was not only weak but crude.

When I watched the workers put on the thin, watery mix that passed for brightener, here is what I said to the truckwash owner: “There is such a thing as poor value in truck washing chemicals, and then there is FRAUD. You are closer to being a victim of fraud, then you are to just having inferior brightener.

They ordered some AB-55 and DOUBLED the speed of their wash, got rave reviews from the majority of their customers, and told the old supplier to come back & get his four drums of junk still shrinkwrapped on a pallet.

The truth is that a PH of 1, like their old stuff, is PATHETIC! Our AB-55 tests out at closer to ZERO, which is 10 times stronger than a PH of 1. That is what you get when you buy real Aluminum Brightener and not water!

Want to double the strength of the AB-55 & get closer to 50-60:1dilution? If you will sign the waiver and certify to us that you have at least 3 years of experience with Hydrofluoric Acid based Aluminum Brightener & that you inject your chemicals with no handling involved, we will sell you Omega’s ECONOBRITE 2X. Don’t look for the “Satin Shine” here, just some power and economy that you wouldn’t believe if I told you.

Jerry D. Kaifetz, Ph.D.
Omega Chemical

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The “Satin Shine”

Years ago we used to blend Aluminum Brightener for other companies. Some times it went through up to three middle-men before it got to the seller’s showroom floor. By then the price was ridiculously high, and unfortunately, the quality wasn’t anything to brag about. I used to call one of these brighteners that we made for the company with the biggest name recognition in the U.S., the “Ford Pinto of Brighteners.” It was about as basic and crude as a brightener could get, and unfortunately you have to look around for a LONG time even today to do better.

The problem with most Aluminum brighteners today is twofold: WEAK & CRUDE! Most brighteners are no friend to aluminum surfaces. I have often said that they should often not be called “Aluminum Brighteners” but “ALUMINUM WHITENERS!”

Enter Omega Chemical’s Satin Brighteners: AB-55, SAFE-T-BRITE, & CITRABRITE. Since a picture is worth 1,000 words and a video is worth a million, I’ll let the video at the end of this post do my talking for me. Remember, these photos are from our customers & they have not been retouched in any way!

I think that you will understand instantly what we mean when we talk about the “Satin Shine.” Of course, these results are achieved at high dilution ratios (25-30:1), and as with all our one-step truck washing products, with COLD WATER & NO BRUSHING.

So kick back & see the results achieved by others with these products, and then ask yourself if the prospect of operating on this level every day isn’t worth the $99 investment in the Omega Sample Pallet: 5 gal. Magnum K, 5 gal. Safe-T-Brite, 5 gal. AB-55 Brightener, & 40 lbs. of Pro White Powder.

We can revolutionize your truck washing business!

Jerry D. Kaifetz, Ph.D.
Omega Chemical

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Omega Chemical’s Citrus Brighteners

Omega Chemical developed its first Citrus brightener almost 25 years ago. We were so far ahead of the curve on these products that we didn’t even know enough to put “Citrus” in the name. Nevertheless, our “Safe-T-Brite” was a TRUE Citrus Aluminum Brightener, not a cheap brightener with artificial lemon scent like you find all over the place today.

Safe-T-Brite and Citrabrite Aluminum Brighteners are the acid brighteners of the future and the future is here. They have been developed by Omega Chemical to improve the safety of traditional aluminum brighteners (Hydrofluoric Acid based Brighteners), yet, still remove road film, grime, algae, scum, lime deposits, water line stains, oxidation, and brightens aluminum with a true SATIN SHINE, not the dull, whitened look of most brighteners. AND, they do this at very respectable dilution ratios: 20:1, with NO brushing, of course.

Safe-T-Brite and Citrabrite work just like the traditional aluminum trailer and pontoon cleaners and brighteners (Hydrofluoric Acid Brighteners) but WITHOUT the riskier hazards and side effects associated with brighteners in days past. Forget the toxic and poisonous concerns and step up to new GREEN Citrus technology!

Safe-T-Brite and Citrabrite use a special blend of four acids, primarily Citric Acid. This reduces the corrosive levels of chemical energy long associated with aluminum brightening and cleaning. Not only that, but we accomplish this WITHOUT TAKING THE GUTS OUT THESE PRODUCTS!

On pontoon boats they excel in removing algae, scum, lime deposits, water line stains, and oxidation. On aluminum trailers they excel at brightening and removing ALL oxidation at 15 to 25:1 with COLD WATER & NO BRUSHING! We also blend special surfactants and detergents into these brighteners to release oils, greases, and virtually any foreign material.

Polished Aluminum: Yes, Safe-T-Brite and Citrabrite can dull polished aluminum. (If your aluminum brightener doesn’t dull polished aluminum, you don’t have much of a brightener!) If you are not ready to polish but would like to brighten aluminum, we suggest “Flash Brightening,” a longstanding secret of many truck washes. To do this, you apply Safe-T-Brite or Citrabrite at 20:1 & IMMEDIATELY rinse with water. (Always test a small area. Adjust dilutions to your application.)

Jerry Kaifetz, Ph.D.

Read more:—Truck-Washing/1031642#ixzz124b8DvJy
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution No Derivatives

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A Mobilewash Operator Shares his Results

Yesterday I made about $2800 – 300 dollars in wages and about 60.00 in chemical and this account is now going to 2 times a month. Also the truck manager at this company is good friends with the manager next door here, Which is Pepsi cola. They’re next!

Before we could hide the dirt. It would just blend in allowing you to give a half ass job. The chemical Safe-T-Brite is cleaning the trailers so well, this is like a detailed fleet! LOL Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

Nate in Kansas

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Aluminum Brightener — The Science

I don’t know of anyone in the fleetwashing chemicals business who did not regularly insult my intelligence in the many years that we were in the truck washing business before we became Omega Chemical. In the dozens of videos that I have made for Youtube, I have tried not to do that. We never rely on crazy names for our products, like “Super Blaster Mega Wow,” or other names that sound like a kid’s giant squirt gun. We rely on chemical performance, not hype. Add to that our many years at the end of the wand in the truck washing business, and you will come to realize the very first time you talk with us that WE CAN HELP YOU!

It really does come down to understanding two things: the nature of the enemy, and how to hunt it down & kill it. The enemy is principally oxidation, & the weapon is the right chemical bond so that the film can be removed chemically and not in hand-to-hand combat with a brush as your weapon. If you are still stuck in that mode, P-L-E-A-S-E watch our videos!!! There is not a week that goes by that we at Omega Chemical do not hear from several truck washers who are overflowing with praise for these videos. They have been the key that has liberated many companies and put them in a more profitable bracket than they had ever imagined. You can hear from some of them on these videos.

It comes down to the ability to create a chemical bond with the road film that is stronger than the bond that the film has on the surface of the fleet vehicles. To accomplish that is the long touchdown pass. To tackle tough film with third-rate chemicals is “three yards & a cloud of dust.” We can get you in the truck washing end zone. Our $99 sample pallet will make a believer out of you INSTANTLY! We promise.

When it comes to our five Aluminum Brighteners, Omega Chemical is all about ripping off road film. You can’t do that with Ivory Soap; that takes chemical POWER. Road film is OXIDATION, and oxidation is OXYGEN MOLECULES. If your chemical cannot create a bond with those oxygen molecules that is stronger than the bond they have with the vehicle surface, YOU WILL HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO BRUSH! If you have that bond working for you, YOU WILL THROW AWAY YOUR BRUSHES, as so many of Omega’s customers have done, & they will tell you so in our videos. I hope you will watch them. They will take your business to the next level.

Jerry D. Kaifetz, Ph.D.

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Understanding Aluminum Brightener

Cleaning aluminum is a different endeavor from the cleaning of any other surface. The reason for this is that aluminum never gets “dirty” in the traditional sense. Aluminum is susceptible to another kind of process: OXIDATION.

Oxidation on aluminum is often referred to as “road film.” In fact, this is the first stage of rust. Oxidation is the chemical process of removing electrons from an element or compound , frequently together with the removal of hydrogen ions (H+). So the change in the aluminum is then a CHEMICAL change. To simply try to reverse this process by scrubbing is never going to work. Truck washers quite often get stuck in this “Fred Flintsone” mode. Stay there & you are destined to work for wages and never realize the economic potential of chemically efficient fleet washing.

This is why our Aluminum Brighteners at Omega Chemical are highly concentrated with up to four different acids. Without a strong concentration of these compounds, you will never clean aluminum efficiently. You can see these products at Our Website: We also have several videos on Youtube that will allow you to hear what our customers themselves are saying about the brushless efficiency they have achieved with Omega Chemical’s line of truck washing products.

Basic Laws of Chemistry dictate the greatest efficiency when ACID based products are used on METAL surfaces, & ALKALINE products are used on SYNTHETIC surfaces.

That is why Omega Chemical has built their Aluminum brighteners on sound chemical components, and PLENTY of them, and the same for our No. 2 Truck Wash and our revolutionary new product: MAGNUM K.

Chemical energy gives you ECONOMY & POWER: 30:1, $6-$7 A GALLON,  cold water, no brushing!

Are your Costs out of control?

Part 2 of a 5 part Video Series on Truck Washing Secrets
Aluminum Brightener

Jerry Kaifetz, Ph.D.

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